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Meet Kim Harker

My journey has not been easy. I have had ups and downs through Role changes, Corporate Downsizing and my share of Bad bosses…..oh, and did I mention BEAT Breast cancer!!!! But through it all I was resilient! I discovered that my true passion and strength lies in helping others uncover their sense of self within their own career journeys by anchoring on their individual strengths, values, and interests.

It all started with the Redbird.

Growing up in Western NC, it was hard not to see a Redbird every day! Their brilliant color and regal flight caught my eye early on while playing in the Smoky Mountains. Redbirds exemplify passion and confidence – the exact qualities that I have carried throughout my life and career.

After earning my Master’s degree in Nutrition Science, I started as a practicing Nutritionist in Cardiac Rehab. That experience led me to discover a new passion: coaching and leading individuals in the corporate arena.

For over 20 years, I have been an effective leader and coach with two of the top Fortune 50 Pharma/Biotech companies in the world: Pfizer and Genentech. My experience spans many disciplines, from Strategic planning and Marketing to Career Development and successful Team Building.

Now, I am following my Redbird passion once again. I am a Professional and Career Coach and the founder of Redbird Up: Coaching Business for Professional and Career Transitions. Redbird Up is designed to empower individuals and teams to increase their self-awareness and find clarity in their lives and careers.

Being a Professional and Career Coach means I consider the whole person. I help individuals think about their careers within the scope of their lives. With a bit of mindfulness and direction, I believe you can achieve career clarity and strategize your goals, objectives and outcomes.

The Redbird continues to follow me through life. Its passion and beauty guide me every day! Look up and next time you see a Redbird……know that it can guide you too!

"Kim is an excellent coach who helped me become a much more effective executive."

Donnie Helms, CFO

Our Approach

Value-Living Coaching Services

How is our coaching unique? We implement Value-Living Coaching Services. We dive deep to understand the why behind everything you do in life.  

To answer these questions, we need to understand what you value most.  Your values are the consistent force that drives your attitude, behavior and choices, yet values are the most overlooked factor at play.

Why Redbird?

The Redbird Story

The Red Bird symbolizes lessons of distinctiveness, staying true to ourselves and the power we have within ourselves. It is the push you need to go further than you have before. And the fire inside which drives to reach your goals.    

Redbird Up Professional and Career Coaching aims to help you go find your fire and to reach your personal and professional goals!

How It WOrks

The Redbird Up 3-Step Process


What You
Value Most


RE.Charge Your Career Strategy


Your Path

Clients Love Redbird Up!

Kim is an excellent coach who helped me become a much more effective executive. She is an exceptional listener who can quickly find the root of any issue you may be facing. She understands the importance of focusing on the big stuff and aligning your values with your work. Whether working to develop in your current role or navigate a transition, I highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to make the most of their career and life.

Donnie H.

CFO in Healthcare Industry

Kim is a natural coach! She was instrumental at helping me navigate through recent significant changes at work. She empowered me to find the answers within myself, gently guiding me as opposed to telling me. Kim’s vast experience in the corporate world means she’s seen and experienced numerous situations, therefore her guidance and insight were incredibly valuable. Kim held me accountable, grounded me in my personal truths, and helped me to celebrate the little wins. I felt so grateful to go through this career transition with Kim by my side as my coach!

Donata D.

BioTech Territory Manager

Kim has deep people leadership and coaching skills as both a manager and Regional Director within the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry where Kim has extensive coaching experience. She is a perceptive listener who has helped numerous people understand their challenges and develop their own solutions. One of her towering strengths is her ability to help coach people to do their best work and achieve their career aspirations

Gary B.

DM Bristol Myers Squibb

No bird soars high . . .
if he soars with his own wings